Vitamin C Face Night Serum 30ml

Vitamin C Face Night Serum 30ml

(48 customer reviews)


Alcohol free Alcohol Free        Vegan free Vegan Free

Cruelty free Cruelty Free        Silicone free Silicone Free

Phthalate free Phthalate Free   Mineral oil free No Mineral Oil

Synthetic fragrance free Synthetic Fragrance Free   



FAST ABSORBING FORMULA – The unique lightweight texture and non-oily formula of the Vitamin C Serum quickly absorbs into the skin.
FAST RESULTS – Gives your skin an instant glow & reduces spots in just few days!


Helps reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Vitamin C face serum also helps shrink pores, clear up acne, prevent breakouts and minimize the appearance of acne scars.
Vitamin C face serum stimulates – skins own collagen production skin plumps and glows, both during the day and overnight.
Fairness brightening serum for all skin types including, those with sensitive skin.
Formula is vegan, paraben-free, silicon free; Please note – Use the product for minimum 2-3 months to see visible results.

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 10 cm

48 reviews for Vitamin C Face Night Serum 30ml

  1. jdk5440 (store manager)

    Feel itchiness for first 2-3 days..but soon my face gets use too for this more sensations are felt..Amazing product

  2. Diksha

    Tried for first time…Got good results instantly within weeks…👍

  3. Sangita

    Switching from another brand is difficult especially for my face..but BLACK PEARL gives my face a brightening and attractive results 😃

  4. Rajnish (verified owner)

    Work wells on acne…gives results very fast🤗

  5. Pavneet kaur (verified owner)

    Purchased first time. I am so happy to use itit makes my skin soft.

  6. Poojitha (verified owner)

    Firm and beautiful 😌❤️ black bottle surely looks good. Happy to try it.

  7. Pinky

    Acne prone solution👌 for my face within few days.

  8. Rubi

    I am glad I tried this serum 💕and make my skin feels nourished and healthy.

  9. Anushka

    Excellent kit with quick result✅👌

  10. Sushma

    Initial review of this product is Super Amazing

  11. Siddhi

    It finishes the oil consistency from my face 😊…and works extraordinary

  12. Diksha

    Great results…smoother skin…Nice fragrance 😍

  13. Krunal

    Absolutely in love with this product 😻…nice packaging

  14. Leena

    Beautifully oriented packaging and nice quality of products✅

  15. Ekta

    It’s been only a month or so and I could been see the results within a week💯

  16. Tarun

    I tried many products before this one, and finally my search is ended here!.. i am struggling with cystic acne and scars. This is the best product which helps in reducing oil and healing active cystic acne and also helps in healing scars. Loved it!!!!

  17. Goswami

    Grab it guys its amazing moisturized my skin so amazing so smooth in love with this product ❤️

  18. Trilok

    • Heals, repairs and gives a good glow. • Heals sunburns • Repairs hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. • Great texture.

  19. Vinod

    The glow that it imparts immediate after the initial use is phenomenal! As soon as you apply drops of the serum onto your face, you’ll be able to feel the warmth that a genuine Vitamin drop should impart. It truly is authentic to the T! There’s a chemically smell to the serim which means its devoid of any form of unnecessary perfume or essential oil. Its a raw unadulterated Vitamin extract that’ll do its job perfectly! Try it, you’ll love it!❤️

  20. Ramesh

    Over time I’ve seen results. My skin looks radiant and has an instant glow after applying this serum.💕

  21. Chakra

    Awesome product… Amazing ingredients
    No side effect..
    Worth buying it
    Help full for our face which results in glowing skin😍

  22. Akash

    One bottle might not be enough for the old acne scars & pigmentations to disappear but this certainly hydrates and makes the skin 🌟. It brightens the tone and doesn’t cause any break outs.

  23. Arathi

    This light weight serum comes in a glass bottle. The pump dispenser makes it easy to use 💯and dispenses the right amount of serum. It is really absorbing and works wonder for the skin and makes it healthy and glowing.

  24. Ujjwal

    Guys if u all are luking for the best vitamin c serum trust me this one is the bessttttttttt💯…my skin had mny issues….my fiance complimented me today sayin that my skin luks ravishing….n all thanks to vitamin c serum….i was luking for a good vitamin c serumn my search is finally over….im happyyyy….highly recommended👉…thanku black pearl

  25. Nasir

    Within few days of Usage , I could see a visible difference on my Face . Skin is soft and moistured. This serum is highly recommended for Oily & Acne Prone Skin. Has a pleasant fragrance . No side effects . Non Sticky , Worthy and Affordable.😍

  26. Antony

    I had developed sun spots on my face so tried this serum because it had vitamin C. I applied it at both day and night time and within a few days I could see a visible difference, the redness has reduced and the skin feels moist and soft. Will use it continuously for a month and update the result

  27. Monika

    Great product. I have been using this product for a quite some time. It keeps the skin soft and moist. Must try it!

  28. Gaurav

    Serum is very good i can see my spots are reducing. It absorbs quickly on skin and non sticky.very good

  29. Kapil

    I like product very is on oily and good for oily skin this product. Must try this..good for skin💯

  30. Vinod

    U must buy it
    This is one of the best face serum on Amazon in a reasonable price
    Face serum🆕

  31. NAZIL ansari


  32. Rajat

    Must recommended for boys also….💯

  33. Sourav

    I can feel my skin more hydrated and improved texture by using the -> VITAMIN C FACE SERUM!! 😃

  34. Mamta

    Overall nice product.Used the face serum for the first time & I’m happy with the results. Black pearl cosmetic Vitamin-C Face Serum felt soothing on the skin with the perfect viscosity.

  35. Amita

    My skin definitely feels rejuvenated just after 4 applications. My skin’s dark spots have reduced a bit, should be better with more applications!
    Definitely a must buy for those seeking for a radiant, spot-free and hydrated skin on the go! 😇
    I highly recommend this face serum!! 👍🏼

  36. Harinath

    This is the 4th time I am ordering this product. After me and my friend trying many serums. This has the fastest result out of them. Any vitamin c serum will work on you.

  37. Ayush

    Absolutely amazing product. Its very light on the skin and gives you an almost instant glow to the skin. Have never come across a serum which gives instant results. The fragrance too is very refreshing. Unbeatable Serum at this price! Very Happy with the experience.

  38. Monu

    Light Complete Vitamin C Booster Serum 30 ml – 3 Days to Spotless, Bright Skin Light Texture Formula & Non-Oily Face Serum
    It is for all skin types and can be used twice a day.

  39. Akash

    This vitamin c serum from Black pearl cosmetic is good for what it claims but my skin feels a little bit sticky after applying it.. but kind of ok ok product if compared with other vitamin c serum.. but it is good in this price.. my mom is also using it and the difference in 3 days is visible her dark spots has been reduced.. meanwhile it is gonna take a while.. but happy with the product..❤️❤️

  40. Kevin

    One of the best vitamin c within an affordable range and that too with good quantity… we can use in our daily routine… it doesn’t give u spotless skin within 3 days… but with the regular use of the serum followed by sunscreen.. my skin texture has improved and it has made my skin brighter also.. little bit sticky.. i have an oily and acne prone skin..

  41. Padma

    I will start to use this product and post review again. Smells amazing and is quickly

  42. Pawan

    Follow a good skin regime with this and it should work.

    Follow this:
    1.Wash your face.
    2.Use a Toner
    3.Shake the serum well before applying.
    4.Apply aleovera gel for oily skin and Moisturizer for dry.
    5.Lock it with ice,let dry and you are done
    Ps : Give it atleast 30 days to see improvement , don’t expect a perfect skin but definitely better one soon.

  43. Kanak

    i just love this product because this product a very good for acne and pimples marks and its really work for this marks and its also provide a such a beautiful glow on my face so i love this product and just go for it guys this product and i tell u then u buy this product u don’ t regret and thanku black pearl for a safe delivery🙂

  44. Anchal

    I have been using this product for sometime now and i love this serum. It keeps ur skin glowing and even keeps it moisturised giving that glassy look. Nd the smell…. U wil love it too. It lightens up ur skin as well. If u ask me, i wud say go for it. Give it a try.

  45. Anil

    Amazing product-have been using this since Apr’2021, works really well for my skin type (oily & acne prone). Gets absorbed instantly which is not usually the case with me with so many other products that I have tried. I am a repeat & loyal customer for this particular product. Will advise everyone to do a patch test for any skin products you buy. My only wish is-if all these skin products could come in small trial packs in India for people to try & test out before buying quantity that we may not like later on basis how it suits our skin types as it takes sometime for certain products & formulas to show results

  46. Ravi

    The product is nice. It does brighten up your skin, no matter your complextion. Able to hold foundation, when used underneath; mine being oily skin. However, the lightening of spots in 3days is completely rubbish. I have been using it for 12days now and the spots feels lightened a bit for the glowing skin.
    I’d recommend if possible the packaging be done in hard plastic bottle, for mine broke recently. Overall not a bad product to cause any skin problem.

  47. Raghul (verified owner)

    It’s one of the affordable Vitamin c serums easily available, has a thick consistency but light on the skin, doesn’t feel heavy, spreads out and gets absorbed easily so thumbs up for that. Also it gives an instant glow.
    However what’s worth mentioning is that they haven’t specified the percentage of Vit C. Also spotless skin in 3 days? (That’s short period for any result to show up). It has a citrusy strong fragrance which might be sensitising on most skin.

  48. Nupur

    I’ve been using this for the past 3 months now. I have dry skin and no known skin issues. This suits me well. While I can’t pinpoint the changes, my mom said my skin looks healthy these days. I usually apply it in the evening after shower and moisturize my skin.

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